Confidentiality Non-Solicitation Agreement

Hello RTH Team Member,

You have begun the process of signing the Rock The House (RTH) Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement. As an employee of RTH, discussing or sharing (with anyone other than your direct supervisor) any type of sensitive information is off limits including but not limited to: financial data, compensation (yours or anyone else’s), event billing, etc. While this is not a non-compete document, by signing this agreement you are also stating that you understand that you may not solicit our customers or employees or steer business away from RTH for a specific period of time. Full details are contained in the agreement. All policies are subject to change without notice but when changes are made to this specific policy, RTH will email and request that an updated version be signed.

Note: Until you have signed, clicked "Submit" and you receive an emailed copy of the agreed upon agreement, you have not finished the process.

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